Mother’s Day Gifts at One Craft – Part 2

With so many lovely handmade gifts to choose from, One Craft Gallery has a huge selection of arts and crafts so you can find the perfect present for Mums. Following on from our earlier post on gift ideas, here are a few more thoughtful gift ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 22nd March this year.

Gift Ideas for Jewellery Lovers

Caroline Tetley makes beautiful and intricate sterling silver and enamel jewellery. One craft has a good selection of Caroline’s jewellery so you can choose from delicate stud earrings through to more elaborate pendant necklaces in a gorgeous selection of colours. Here are some of Caroline’s popular stud earrings:

Enamel Earrings by Caroline Tetley

Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers

Lesley Hill makes the most amazing needle felted animals. From polar bears to snow hares, from craft foxes to little bumble bee brooches, Lesley can makes just about any animal. Lesley also undertakes commissions so if you have a beloved family pet, why not ask Lesley to make needle felted version! Here are two very special felt animals currently in the gallery; a highland cow and a very characterful Jack Russel Terrier:

Needle Felted animals by Lesley Hill

Gift Ideas for Music Lovers

Peter Searle makes musical instruments by hand – choose from a selection of dulcimers, Finnish Kanteles and other early European instruments.

Handmade musical instruments by Peter Searle

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