Mother’s Day Gifts at One Craft Gallery – Part 1

Mother’s Day is on Sunday 22nd March this year and One Craft Gallery has lots of lovely handmade gifts to choose from.

Here are some gift ideas to treat your mum with! Look out for more gift ideas coming up.

Gift Ideas for the Fashion Lover

Lizzie Oliva makes wonderful hats completely by hand from a fabulous selection of materials from warm and stylish Harris Tweed, luxurious faux fur, sumptuous velvets and classic linens. Lizzie’s selection of hats constantly changes throughout the year as the seasons and weather changes so there is always something weather appropriate in the gallery. Here’s a few of Lizzie’s stylish Harris Tweed hats.

Harris Tweed Hats by Lizzie Oliva

Gift Ideas for the Art Lover

Silk screen prints by Kerrie McNeil make a wonderful gift and we always have a full selection of Kerrie’s prints and cards in the gallery. Kerrie handprints each silk screen print so every one becomes unique. Here is a close up of Kerrie’s ‘Teasels’ original screenprint but there are many more to see in the gallery.

‘Teasels’ Original Screenprint by Kerrie McNeil

Gift Ideas for the Lover of Contemporary Ceramics

We have two very different potters here at One Craft so we have a good selection of handmade pieces to choose from. Craig Eyles makes beautiful, contemporary ceramics in his signature striped colours of blues and earthy browns – here’s just a few of the pieces you can find in the gallery:

Striped ceramics by Craig Eyles

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