Rowena Kinsman – Potter

When I left the Health Service to become a potter in 1992 I thought I had 20 years in which to be a functional potter. I exceeded this and was lucky to be a salt glaze potter for 25 years. Growing older and firing a large outside kiln it became increasingly obvious that I needed to change. I gave myself another 18 months as a salt glazer.

During this time, I began to work with porcelain. In 2019 I dismantled my large kiln. There was no turning back! I bought an electric kiln and went back to the drawing board learning new skills.

 I have always liked a challenge and porcelain has proved to be a challenge. My throwing skills were inadequate for this unforgiving clay. Gradually things have become easier and I am able to concentrate on the beauty of porcelain and how to use colour.  Initially I worked with very bright colours but these are becoming toned down.

My work continues to be functional and reflect the pleasure I have in being a potter and in life.

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Currently working with blues
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