Rowena Kinsman – Potter

Rowena Kinsman took early retirement from the Health Service in 1990 enabling her to pursue a long-standing interest in pottery.  She attended a postgraduate diploma at Goldsmiths College, where she became involved in sodium vapour firing and had the opportunity to learn about kiln building.  Her interest in sodium firing continued and she has built three kilns and has a workshop at her house in Somerset.  All of Rowena’s work is functional; suitable for the kitchen, bathroom or garden and it can be used in an oven, microwave and dishwasher.

Rowena aims to produce pieces that reflect the pleasure and fun that she has in being a potter and life in general.  Her work varies in scale from wash basins and rhubarb pots down to animal egg cups.  She enjoys a challenge and her most popular line continues to be her casseroles that have animals as handles.

All of Rowena’s work combines thrown pieces with hand modelling.  The work is decorated with coloured slips and fired once.  She enjoys the salt firing process as she feels that she is involved with her pots right until they are finished and that the sodium atmosphere reveals the textures and surfaces of her pots.

Rowena’s work can also be seen in many local galleries as well as further afield.

Rowena Kinsman telephone 01749 840065 / email:



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