Helen M. Thompson – Mixed Media

Helen has a background in textiles and loves the process of creating. Although a lot of her work is in 2D, incorporates collage, and is for hanging on walls; she also enjoy making quirky sculptures, assemblages, bookmarks, bespoke cards and other items, such as bags and cushions. She likes doing commissions – working with other people’s ideas and materials, and makes decorative items for the gallery’s window displays.

Helen’s artwork contains stuff that would normally be thrown out – old letters, papers, stamps and everyday ephemera. Sometimes she starts with a photograph, an object or an idea, it may be a song lyric or a proverb and go from there. Other times inspiration comes from her sketchbook or drawings and photographs taken in the landscape which then become abstracted. She is drawn to simple shapes, symbols and naive art. She works with many layers and textures, so the artworks cannot be comprehended at one glance – the more you look into them, the more you see.

http://www.hmtmixedmedia.blogspot.co.uk / email: helenmarythompson@hotmail.co.uk

helens chicken1
Helen’s chicken
Helen also makes a range of cards

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