Craig Eyles – Ceramic Artist

Craig studied 3D Design Ceramics at university and afterwards moved into teaching art before becoming Head of Art. After settling in Frome, Craig took the opportunity to start making his own ceramic work and has been exhibiting since 2012.

Inspired by natural and man-made forms, Craig’s work explores his interests of both form and the layering of glazes to create textured surfaces.  Exploring the variety of proportional and compositional combinations that geometrical shapes such as the sphere, cylinder, cone and disc has to offer.  Each combination, however, subtle or obvious is unique.  The application of colour and surface for each is as individual as the form intself with an aim of marrying together these elements to realise something that is ultimately harmonious and balanced.

Craig creates wheel thrown decorative and functional ceramics.  Some are composite forms and others are cut and altered.  The pieces are then glazed and fired to 1250c.

Craig’s work can be found at events and markets in Somerset, Bath and Bristol. / email: / Facebook @craigeylesceramics


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