A Special Guest – Suzanne Katkhuda

Suzanne Katkhuda’s career as a Ceramicist spans over 40 years where she started making very unique ceramic jewellery selling to Libertys, Harrods, Fortnum & Mason & Harvey Nicholls in a small kiln in her kitchen!  This led on to making hand painted Tableware where she designed and hand made painted slipped earthenware plates and bowls etc.  

She began her professional life in a Stables in Northamptonshire where she employed a few people to help her make the plates to her design and ended up with two factories, one in Stoke on Trent and the other in Northamptonshire employing 35 people, producing her hand painted pots and selling worldwide.

She was spotted by the Royal Academy and asked to produce a range of handpainted pots & ceramic jewellery for the Fauve Exhibition in 1991 – this was a complete sellout gaining a massive amount of publicity in all the Newspapers and Glossy magazines.  She was then asked to design hand painted ranges to accompany the Degas exhibition at the National Gallery and two more designs based on a Gauguin & Cezanne in the National Gallery and a wonderful range for the Royal Opera House – becoming a runner up in the Women into Business `Awards in 1995. 

Her work is all handmade and exclusively hand painted and she now retains a Studio in West London where she continues to make to commission.   She has been concentrating lately on an entirely new range of jewellery which is all lustreware encrusted with jewel-like beads.   Her work has been collected by many famous collectors and 7 of her designs are to be seen in the permanent Ceramic Collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

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