Rowena Kinsman working with porcelain – an update!

6 months down the line


I am beginning to feel that I might have a future in porcelain! I am finding the throwing easier and am becoming braver with what I am making.

In November I was asked to help the local primary school with their poppy project. After doing this I decided to try some poppy plates for myself.


Poppy Plates


I am still wanting my work to be functional and decorative. Porcelain lends itself to bright colours and so I am working with coloured stains that I make into slip using the same porcelain with which I am throwing. The pots are bisque fired and then I put a thin transparent glaze on top and fire again to 1280 degrees centigrade.


Mixing bowls and an orange bowl.



Sometimes I press a stamp into the clay body after I have thrown it.

Mugs with pressed in designs.


As I get better I will become more adventurous with what I am doing.

Besides showcasing my work in One Craft Gallery I shall be participating in Somerset Arts Week with 2 other One Craft members. Buffy Fletcher and Lizzie Oliva.

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