An Insight into Spinning Yarn by Chris Rice

Many of One Craft Gallery’s members use traditional techniques and tools to create their craft and it’s always fascinating to see the often time consuming and complex work that goes on behind the scenes to create the beautiful pieces you see in the gallery.  Chris Rice is One Craft Gallery’s hand spinner – Chris spins her own yarns before turning them into clothing for both children and adults, accessories and delightful little animals.
The process of making yarns suitable for hand knitting is a long and lengthy process and, it starts at the beginning with the sheering of the sheep which is happening now during the hottest June we’ve had for many years.  Here’s some photos to show the process of turning the natural wool into yarns for knitting.
Newly shorn fleece drying in the summer sun!
After the sheep have had their thick woolly coats removed, the newly shorn fleece is washed and dried before the long process of carding begins to prepare the fleece for spinning.
Once the fleece has been carded, it can be spun and Chris has a couple of wheels that she uses.  The photos below show Chris’ hand made English oak spinning and also her smaller and more modern spinnng wheel that she brings into the gallery to spin the shop.
The final step is to create something beautiful from all that lovely yarn – you can find a wonderful  collection of Chris’ hand knitted garments and accessories in One Craft Gallery throughout the year.

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