New Guest Artist – Bridget Baker

Throughout the months of July and August, Bridget Baker will be our guest artist showing her collection of wire sculpture animals.  Here’s a little bit of information about Bridget’s work in her own words:

I studied Zoology at University but only started making wire animals after retirement, following an inspiring visit to an exhibition of work by Alexander Calder.  Although most famous for his monumental mobiles, Calder also made miniature circus people from wire.  It was after viewing a video of him making these wire figures, using only fingers, long-nosed pliers and wire snippers that encouraged me to “have a go”, making both small wire animals and facial profiles of friends.    

Each figure is made from galvanized wire which is then painted with enamel paints.  Each is based on photographs and drawings of a particular animal and takes several hours to make.   Subjects have included fish, frogs, reptiles, and a wide range of birds  and mammals.    Dogs have proved popular and  over the years, I have made a good number of the dogs in my village.   I really enjoy making them and catching their idiosyncrasies – desire to carry enormous sticks and such like.

The enjoyment of their creation comes from making them as realistic as possible and from capturing their features with the minimum of lines.”  

You will find a lovely selection of Bridget’s wire animals in the gallery throughout June and July.  Bridget is also happy to undertake commissions – please pop into the gallery for more information.


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