Guest Artist – Neale Mellersh

Also exhibiting their work throughout the months of June and July is artist Neale Mellersh.

In his words, Neale describes his work and influences:

“The symbols represent the viewer in the landscape. They are male or female or sometimes both.

The mazes represent journey, the journey made to record the bordered scene in each piece.  
The numbers are an order three magic square which represents a continuous mathematical journey and is one of the earliest mathematical formula dating from 100BC. In addition they have been used in Persia to create patterns for carpets and weaving’s which relate strongly to the lines of colour in the background mentioned next.
The lines of shaded colour that make up the main background are representative of the layers in a landscape and the the repetitive rhythms that exist there like heart beats; the tremors the earth makes as its tectonic plates move; Breathing, walking, circadian rhythms and so on.The outer boundaries are like the layers of the atmosphere around the planet.” 

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