Experiments with Porcelain by Rowena Kinsman

One of One Craft’s potters has been experimenting with porcelain, Rowena Kinsman explains what she’s been up to.

 “I thought I should prepare for my old age and so for the last 6 months every time I have done a firing I have added some porcelain pieces to the firing. I have never before worked with porcelain and am having a tough time. I am having to go back to the drawing board. Porcelain clay is punky compared to the stoneware that I am used to.

Instead of firming up when it is kneaded it becomes soft. It dries unevenly and therefore warps and cracks appear on the bottom of my pots. I thought I was a quick thrower but not quick enough for porcelain; after about three pulls the pot collapses! In my favour I am stubborn and am not going to let this new material beat me and so am persevering!

Here are some recent pictures of my efforts in porcelain. Also, there are some in the gallery”


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