Guest Artist Jacqueline Byrne

Jacqueline Byrne studied at Bath Spa University as a mature student and gained a degree in Creative Arts in 2013. She works and sells from her open studio near to her home in Bradford on Avon.

Jacqueline draws wildlife, trees and landscapes on wood using graphite and coloured crayon.  The wood provides a warmth and texture which compliments the natural subject matter.

As she says, “I use the negative space in composing a drawing and I like the sense of space they often have.  It gives the image a sense of quietness and allows the wood to be part of the drawing too.  I have a liking for the slightly odd or quirky and I am sometimes able to let this into drawings.  I hope to be able to follow more of my own weirdness as I progress….. ”

Jacqueline’s work will be in the gallery until the end of December.

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