Philip Davis Woodturning

At One Craft Gallery we’re lucky to have two very talented artists who create some beautiful products with wood. Below, is a little bit of information about Philip Davis and his work. 
Philip Davis is retired and has been living in Shepton Mallet since July 2013 after ten years living in Ireland where he made the most of early retirement by renovating an old farmhouse, small part time jobs and woodturning.

Philip’s philosophy is to follow the nature or character of each piece of timber as he comes to it. Timbers used are acacia, alder, apple, ash, bay, box, beech, birch, blackthorn, bog oak, cherry, chestnut, elder, elm, eucalyptus, gorse, hawthorn, holly, hornbeam, laburnum, garden laurel, lilac, myrtle, oak, pear, pine, rowan, sycamore, and willow.

With a belief that there should be minimum impact on the environment, 95/99% of Philip’s timber has come from storm damage or trees which were being cleared with the odd bits of foreign timber being salvaged offcuts, therefore recycling wood whenever the opportunity arises.

Philip’s ethos is ‘always improving and learning.’

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