Button Bonanza

One Craft Gallery has a regular guest program. Sometimes we decide to involve members with the guest program. The current Button Bonanza is one such example.

Some members are taking part in the “Button Bonanza” project.
Rowena, a potter, is one of them.
Here is her story:

Rowena decided that she would try her hand at making some buttons. She had a small amount of porcelain clay left over from another project so she set about making porcelain buttons.

Rowena's porcelain buttons
Rowena’s porcelain buttons

She needed to roll the clay very thinly and then being porcelain the buttons often broke when she made the button holes.
Sometimes she made the holes too small, some got blocked with glaze and needed to cleaned out before firing. All the buttons needed to be propped in three places for the firing. The fired results were good but she had not finished. She needed to thread the buttons onto cards. Her idea was for customers to be able to buy a blank card with 1 to 4 buttons.The recipient would either use the buttons on a garment, or perhaps thread them for a necklace or a Christmas decoration or just add them to the button box collection.
It was an interesting project, also a challenging project, very fiddly and she is not sure that she would do it again.

However the exhibition is worth seeing!
Hope you come over to see what we achieved.

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