Challenge 2

Do you remember our post mentioned about Rowena’s challenge?

Here is another story of  her challenge.

I was recently asked to do a sculpture of a swimmer.

What to do? How  would I deal with the arms and legs, appendages that could easily break in the making and in the finished product.
I decided to give the order  a whirl. As I am a functional potter this project also presented a problem. Should the piece be functional or ornamental. I compromised and made a square plate with the centre of the plate representing a swimming pool and the surrounds being the tiled around the  pool. I decided the swimmer should be as if coming out of the water. The figure is made of porcelain and the pool stoneware.


The first figure shows the finished construction.
I then applied coloured slips as in the second figure. I then placed it in the kiln making sure that I had propped up the corners of the plate. As I salt glaze this is important for if I did not do it the plate would stick to the kiln shelf.
The third picture shows the propped up plate. In pottery jargon the props are called wadding.
The final picture shows the finished plat before I took it out of the kiln.

I was a bit apprehensive when I showed the plate to the potential customer and was greatly relieved when he told me that the liked the plate. However, the best news was when his wife rang me up rang me up to say they were going to keep the plate on a low shelf using it for crackers and nibbles. I felt that I had achieved my objective in producing something functional as well as decorative.

“Creative” is always the KEY!

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