Guest Maker: Lizzie Oliva

Welcome our first guest maker, Lizzie Oliva, in 2013.
She designs and creates hand crafted individual hats for all occasions.

The winter collection by Lizzie Oliva shows a wonderful array of hats and hat stands.
Dr.Zhivago hats, Downton Abbey hats, Cossack hats, cloche hats with flowers, faux fur head bands and more. They all combine to make a fabulous show.

They come in all sizes and are beautifully hand-made from boiled wool, faux fur, velvet and silk.
Prices start from £28.00.

Shoppers are welcome to visit the gallery and try them on. Not only are they fashionable but extremely warm.

Lizzie lives in Shepton Mallet and has been working with textiles all her life. She finds that millinery suits her skills best and is constantly inventing new styles. In this era of mass production her hats are individual and she will gladly design and make a hat for “that special occasion”.

The exhibition will be until the end of February.

Lizzie Oliva

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